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Stiamo attraversando un momento speciale. Arredamenti Stadio con la terza generazione cambia nome in A.PuntoStadio conservando i valori acquisiti nel tempo per trasmetterli in un futuro ricco di nuove sfide.
A. PUNTOSTADIO all’avanguardia nel proporre arredi dei brand più rappresentativi del design, ma soprattutto nel garantire un’assistenza puntuale al cliente, dall’acquisto al post-vendita, lavorando ogni giorno per soddisfare le esigenze di una clientela che ha gusto e cultura dell’abitare.

Leggi la nostra storia per immergerti nel nostro mondo, fatto di design ed eleganza.

A history of well-appointed houses and satisfied customers for more than 70 years

The company was born out of the entrepreneurial spirit of the three Calastri brothers in Seregno, based on the experience gained in the family, which had already specialised in the furniture trade in the years prior to World War II.

In 1950, Cesare, Giovanni and Egidio Calastri founded the ‘Mobilificio Stadio’, a small artisan company that made wood the preferred material of its business: from logs to finished pieces of furniture, while maintaining a classic style typical of the time.

Arredamenti Stadio

In the 1960s, progress and the economic boom forced a change of pace. Mobilificio Stadio is transformed from a craft workshop into a business for major furniture brands and interior design. This is how Arredamenti Stadio was born; a reference point for design furniture in Brianza.

The arrival of the second generation

With the arrival of the second generation, Maurizio, Marco and Mariantonietta, the company grew steadily, entering the international market in addition to Italy, with projects and works in Europe and the Middle East. Home furnishing, which became the company’s core business, also led to many accolades, including an award from ALNO, the historic German kitchen brand, as ‘Best European Retailer’ for the year 1990.

2022 – A new adventure

Carolina Calastri, of the third generation, with an entrepreneurial nature inherited from a family with a long tradition in the industry, is the new hope for a long-term project. She represents the value of generational change within the family where subsidiarity and solidarity coexist. This starts with the restyling of the logo and the company name A.PuntoStadio. ‘A’ for ‘arredamenti’ meaning furnishings, ‘punto’ meaning point, in the sense of point of departure, or restarting; and ‘stadio’ meaning stadium, recalling our identity.
A new image, a new organisational structure created to keep up with the expectations of contemporary living, while retaining all the experience gained in over 70 years of activity.