Today the kitchen is no longer the place dedicated to the preparation of food but plays a leading role in our homes.

Living room

Even for this space, your wishes and needs come before the project. The living room is today increasingly multifunctional.

Dining room

It’s the place where you and your family gather every day to have breakfast, lunch or dinner together.

Sleeping area

It’s the most intimate place in the house dedicated to rest and chill, but it is also the place where you take care of your personal belongings.


A place of wellness and regeneration that prepares you for a new day whether it be for work or relaxation.

Door and panel systems

Organizing the space, dividing the rooms into orderly sequences of spaces and functions without forcing the house into a rigid and defined structure.


An artistic and cultural heritage, otherwise lost, to be valued. A legacy to share, to bring into your homes.


We think of everything, including lighting, where each component must have the same qualities, formal elegance and quality of the products we distribute.

Outdoor furnishing

Enjoying open spaces whether they are terraces, private gardens or patios is a must for contemporary living. Relax by reading, listening to music.